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  • SURFACE (miniseries) – Episode 1 (Coming Soon)

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    It’s Max’s second day as a new neighborhood security guard, along with his well-versed coworker, Brenley, and the two run into more trouble than either of them knows how to handle as supernatural and strange events continue taking place.

    Starring: Steve Bundy, Jonathan McDonald

  • BROTHER (short film) – 2021 Exclusive Release

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    Rookie cop, officer German, responds to his first call on his own. But none of his training could have prepared him for what he encounters at the Douglas household.

    Starring: Anthony German, Cameron McCabe, Brett McCabe
    Original Soundtrack: Steve Bundy

  • Phone A Friend (short film)

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    Everyone thinks she’s crazy, and she calls up the only person she can trust. But her call might not be as welcomed as she thought.

    Actress: Alexandra McCabe
    Actor: Jonathan Russell
    Colorist: Cory Miller


  • Light Up (short film)

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    Created on February 16, 2014
    A short film about a boy who finds odd items in his garage and makes something valuable from them. He later questions his decision to sell it.

    Directed, Photographed, and Edited by
    Cory McCabe

    Produced by
    Cory McCabe
    Cameron McCabe

    Cameron McCabe
    Donna McCabe